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     Day to day there is huge changes in technology. Over few years we started spending more time with young college students to understand their interest in learning new things and motivation towards research. We are very much surprised to see the amount of interest created among students who learn engineering around the state is very low. Even we had tried to work with students of different institutions to bring out research motivation and create innovative thinking. We failed in all our attempts. Even the organization we work for is purely business motivated, which doesn’t care about the research and innovation which will bring in opportunities by moving a step ahead.

     Since we are self-motivated toward technology, research and innovation, we want to build a platform where we want to capture whatever we are doing and post the same as blog, video material and make our PenguinTux website as a face for accessing these contents. We are sure some day someone somewhere may be looking for such information. We believe that the information will be helpful in some or the other way to someone. We for our self-satisfaction we are started doing the experiments on open-source. We make all what we do as open-source. Here it makes us to remind the words said a famous person in some interview that, “Indian look for their payment for everything they do. With this mindset it’s hard to look for community to contribute to open-source from India.” With the experience that we had, it makes us to feel true. We tried to build a student community to contribute to open-source, we failed, still there is time for the change to happen. Till then we build the prototypes, make experiments and populate the websites and blogs with our experiments, our experiments with open-source.