• Raspberry Pi 3 - IoT Gateway
  • Zephyrising IoT Node
  • Texas Instruments MSP432 - IoT Node
  • Arduino UNO - IoT node for beginners
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) redefined
  • Yocto on your way - IoT Gateway
  • Intel Arduino 101 - Zephyr supported
  • Intel Edison - Wearable Computing
  • full screen slider
  • Intel Galileo - IoT Experiments
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by PenguinTux


Expertise in Internet Of Things (IoT) with development track from end node to the cloud analytics


Extending the wing of Research and Development in leading areas - Hardware and Software development


Training and practical development experiences for Bridging the gap between academia and industry


Key focus to push the challenges beyond the boundaries and build capabilities to driving innovation

Featured Projects

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